Application Forms

Depending on your status, there are four different application forms to be part of The Noise Devizes 2016.

If you are an individual aged 18 or older you can apply online here, or you can download the form here or pick up a paper copy at St James' Church.

If you are an individual under 18 you can applying using the Individual Under 18 form; please note that young people under 16 may only take part in The Noise Devizes as part of a Family or Youth Group team (see below). Paper copies of the form are available at St James' Church.

If you would like to take part in The Noise as a family group, there is a Family Team application form or you can pick up a paper copy at St James' Church.

Youth groups can also apply using the Youth Group application form; each young person will also need to complete an Individual Under 18 form as part of the process.  Again, paper copies of forms are available from St James' Church.

Completed forms should be returned to The Noise Administrator at the address on the form, who will then contact you with more information about completing your registration.  


Join our group

If you want to volunteer for The Noise Devizes, we'd love to sign you up.  Forms for The Noise Devizes 2016 are now available!

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